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Interactive Data Editor

DataEditR ships with a single function called data_edit() that provides an interactive interface to view, enter, filter and edit data. DataEditR also ships with an RStudio add-in that can be accessed through the Addins menu.

An interactive editor for viewing, entering and editing data

DataEditR Shiny Modules

DataEditR is built using a series of shiny modules that work together to allow users to view, filter, edit and export their data. Using these shiny modules, users can integrate DataEditR features into their own custom Shiny applications.

dataInputUI() dataInputServer()
Shiny module for data input
dataEditUI() dataEditServer()
Shiny module for data editing
dataFilterUI() dataFilterServer()
Shiny module for filtering data
dataSelectUI() dataSelectServer()
Shiny module for selecting data
dataSyncUI() dataSyncServer()
A shiny module to synchronise datasets
dataOutputUI() dataOutputServer()
Shiny module for data output